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Tough Fun Presented by the 2019 Ford Ranger

Tim Durtschi’s Road Trip Tips and Tricks

Story by Zack Skovron

Whether he’s chasing storms across the West or traversing the country on a film tour, you can count on Durtschi to roadtrip in style. 

 Tim on the road to Monument Valley. Eric Parker photo.

As a professional skier, Tim Durtschi has been on more than his fair share of road trips. Whether he’s chasing storms across the West or traversing the country on a film tour, you can count on Durtschi to roadtrip in style. With that in mind, he was an easy pick for the Tough Fun project, in which we’re sending three teams on month-long, multi-sport road trips around the country. Durtschi and his friend and fellow skier Colter Hinchliffe are on an odyssey across the Southwest in search of late-season skiing and early-season rock climbing, with their sights ultimately set on California.

TGR: What’s the most memorable road trip you’ve been on?

TD: I did a road trip with my buddy Justin during a TGR film tour. We rented a Mustang convertible and drove from Salt Lake to Los Angeles, with stops in Big Sur and Las Vegas. The tour stops were all at night, so we could drive and adventure during the day. It was great to break up the trip with as many stops as possible!

TGR: Funniest moment from a road trip?

TD: I was with Colter in Moab and my front left wheel fell off after hitting a cattle guard! The towing company picked it up while we and our friend Kelly went climbing— we didn’t miss a second! There will always be setbacks during a road trip, but if you’re traveling with a positive group of friends you’ll be able to solve any problem.

TGR: What are your favorite road trip snacks?

TD: Pistachios and sunflower seeds make time fly.

 Find any snow in there, Tim? Eric Parker photo.

TGR: What are some items you don’t leave home without?

TD: There are tons of things you need, but top essentials are music, my GoPro and my iPhone.

TGR: Tell us what’s on your road trip playlist—any podcast recommendations?

TD: Podcasts work for a while, but when you’re getting close to a destination you gotta bump some


TGR: What’s special about traveling by car?

TD: The amount of stuff you can see, the people you meet, and the memories you make.

 Durtschi searches for inner peace in the desert. Eric Parker photo.

TGR: How do off-season sports influence your skiing?

TD: Rock climbing keeps me scared and focused, which is what I have to deal with when skiing big lines.

TGR: What features do you look for in an adventure mobile?

TD: It needs four wheels that spin and it’s gotta be a truck! My personal rig is a bit old— I like to watch the miles add up!

 The team explores some backroads around Moab. Eric Parker photo.

TGR: Any tips and tricks to share from your years on the road?

TD: Never overplan... but also don’t underplan. Keep it simple, and be ready to change directions.

TGR: What are you looking forward to on this trip?

TD: I can’t wait to make more memories— we’ve got a sweet film crew who will film whatever we want, so it should be a blast.