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Tough Fun Presented by the 2019 Ford Ranger

Tough Fun: Our tricks for Artsy Filmmaking

Story by Katie Lozancich

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect shot: lighting, composition, sometimes even Vaseline.

For Director of Photography Jacob Callaghan, he’s not afraid to think outside the box—even if it means rubbing petroleum jelly all over the camera lens. But that’s Callaghan’s style, who’s been filmmaking for the past seven years. He’s worked with a variety of brands ranging from the X-Games to Snapchat and drew on that collective experience to film Hana and Mary’s adventure for the TGR Tough Fun short film featuring the  2019 Ford Ranger. Vaseline is just one of the many tricks up Callaghan’s sleeve, and while it sounds unconventional it produces some beautiful results. See firsthand below: 


With a little bit of vaseline on the lens, you can produce a soft vignette that feels almost dreamlike. TGR Tough Fun Still.


The secret is to smear a little of the gel on the perimeter of the lens. TGR Tough Fun Still.


Pretty remarkable how useful common household items can be for filming. TGR Tough Fun Still.