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Tough Fun Presented by the 2019 Ford Ranger

Hana and Mary Explore the Bellingham Skateboarding Scene

Story by Katie Lozancich

Getting from Juneau, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington was a trek. Thankfully, Hana and Mary opted for the scenic route back home. 

The crew boarded a ferry that traveled right along the coastline. It’s certainly not the quickest way to go—taking a total of three days—but it’s worth it for the view. The ferry weaves through Alaska’s Inside Passage, bearing witness to stunning fjords and lush islands. “It was incredible watching the mountains transition, especially as we left Alaska, moved into Canada, and then finally reached Washington. It’s a far superior way to travel,” TGR Cinematographer Justin Mayers explained. 

Yeah, you can't beat the view from the ocean. Justin Mayers Photo.

The voyage gives passengers the opportunity to see more than just scenic vistas: Throughout their journey, the crew spotted all kinds of wildlife like sea otters and whales.

When they finally returned to the mainland, the girls were restless, looking to shake off their sea legs. After snowboarding and surfing in Alaska, they kept with the board-sports theme by skateboarding all throughout Bellingham. “It felt amazing to skate one of my favorite parks after being on the ferry for three days,” Mary exclaimed.

Skateboarding is one of Mary's favorite offseason past times. Justin Mayers Photo.

Hana’s backyard, Bellingham, has a great skate scene with plenty of spots to explore. “Skating is always fun for me, but most of the time it’s mixed with being timid and scared because I only really skate for about a week out of the year,” Hana explained. Skateboarding is one of those off-season sports she loves because while it has similar body mechanics to snowboarding, it still challenges her. “I always have to relearn tricks and regain my confidence out there. Especially in new places!”

Skating has always been a great tool for Hana to explore the Bellingham area. Justin Mayers Photo. 

But skating is less intimidating when you’ve got a buddy like Mary. The big-mountain-snowboarding mentee, who’s always loved to skate, became the mentor and was happy to lend Hana a hand at the bowl. “It’s rad to get to skate with Mary and it gets me stoked to see her rip around, she’s such a great teacher,” Hana said. The two fed off each other’s enthusiasm and decided to see what other cool spots they could find outside of B-Ham, which led to some exciting day trips. They lucked out by finding an under-the-radar skatepark which they had to themselves for a whole day. “The skatepark was completely empty, which allowed us to set up and film for three to four hours,” Mayers explained.

With one more week to go on their Tough Fun Road trip, the girls will continue to explore what else Washington has to offer—particularly setting their sights on riding the famously loamy singletrack.