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Tough Fun Presented by the 2019 Ford Ranger

Crack Climbing Moab’s Sandstone Towers

Story by Zack Skovron

Tim and Colter's road trip included a stop in Moab, where they set their sights on climbing Easter Island, one of the area’s most iconic sandstone towers. 

Tim and Colter’s first week was essentially a warm-up for the rest of the trip. They bounced around the Salt Lake City area, skiing at Snowbird, climbing in Little Cottonwood, and trying their hands at indoor surfing and skydiving. After a mellow first week cruising around in their new Ranger, the team headed south to climb in Moab. Pat Focke, one of the team’s cinematographers, described Tim and Colter’s attempt on Easter Island as the first real send of the trip. “Tim led the first pitch, which I’m pretty sure was his first trad lead in a while, if not ever.”

  The climbers celebrate after a successful ascent of Easter Island tower. Austin Hopkins photo.

Tim’s inexperience notwithstanding, the duo made it up the route in good time. “It was super cloudy when they started the approach,” recalled Focke. “But, as soon as they started climbing, the clouds lifted and it turned into a beautiful day.” The favorable conditions gave the production team an opportunity to use their biggest and best drone, a DJI Inspire. “The route corkscrews around the tower, so we were able to capture footage from a bunch of interesting angles with the drone,” said Focke. “Tim and Colter spent a bunch of time figuring out their plan of attack on the tower, and the perfect execution by both athletes and the production team set the stage for a successful month.”