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The Yawgoons are the Crew Snowboarding Needs

They’ve done it again: The iconic Rhode Island Yawgoons set a new standard of fun with shred sessions that don’t hinge on grassy, slushy, swampy or corny conditions. The only rule of thumb: it’s possible to get rad with as little as a thin sheet of ice, a block of snow, or a piece of junkyard plastic.

In this fresh edit, the crew (as always) forges the wildest trick and jib combos—like the nosepress to backside 180 fakie press to backside 180, over a ping pong table net. Crash pad sideflips and 360 spins over tiny rainbow rails are in. Bindings are optional. And they might’ve created the longest corrugated pipe jib, ever.

Check out the new standard in Yawgoons 19, filmed by Scott Stevens, Dr. B, Mark Dangler, Marcus Rand, Harry Hagan, Dylan Gamache and Peter Rossner with inspirational stunt masters Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Scott Stevens, Dan Liedahl, Mike Ravelson, Cole Navin, and Friedl Kolar.

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TGR Contributor Morgan Tilton

Raised in Colorado's San Juans, Morgan Tilton is a snowboarder, mountain-ultra-trail runner and traveler who loves Bluegrass shows and avocados. She covers adventure travel and news for an array pubs including Outside, Gear Junkie, TWS, and SUP.

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