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Insane: First-Ever Snowboarder Backflips off of a Moving Car

The sound of the car’s revving engine and the reality that thousands of pounds of metal are accelerating toward a moving snowboarder might make you cringe—but (spoiler alert) 25-year-old Martin Agerstig successfully ollies onto the car's hood for each of his attempts. Eventually, he walks away from landing the world’s first-ever backflip off of a moving car.

While Agerstig puts down the rounds and absorbs a few rough crashes the only piece that’s smashed to bits in the end is the windshield—and the driver's rear-view mirror that he kicked off.

Here’s to a rowdy bunch! 

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About The Author

TGR Contributor Morgan Tilton

Raised in Colorado's San Juans, Morgan Tilton is a snowboarder, mountain-ultra-trail runner and traveler who loves Bluegrass shows and avocados. She covers adventure travel and news for an array pubs including Outside, Gear Junkie, TWS, and SUP.

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