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The Garrett Russell Experience, Episode I

Who is Garrett Russell is not as accurate or thought provoking a question as what is Garrett Russell? Garrett "G-Funk" Russell is an artist, an impressionist, a warrior poet in the narrative of skiing. Within that storyline he stands out as its most captivating character and most inspired creative director. He is both the ink on the page and the writer. He accentuates his passage through the lines with fresh, inventive technique and style. Each turn and diverse movement is filled with his life’s experience.

His memoirs are written on the faces of the Andes, the Sierras, the San Juans, through countless pillows of white. The epitaphs for his memories are inscribed in the smoky trundles of snow that ribbon off his shoulders as he cuts and smears. The moment is king and Garrett combines his inner vision with the contours of reality. He accentuates this blend through integrated creative impulse within every movement, carving contrast in the conventional without alienating his audience. His skiing is relatable and tangible. It is art at its highest form, with the deepest meaning, and the utmost accessibility. GFunk is a DIY Picasso. His composition is within the audience’s grasp, explicating the elements of the human experience through inspired movement and inspiring methodology. In Bro-ese it is described as “steeze,” in laymen’s terms, “style.” But honestly, it is best described as The Garrett Russell Experience. As Garrett says, "How the body moves in time and motion is art. I like to use skis as a motion of art."

Another Time, Another Place will follow G-Funk in 4 different episodes through the red granite spires and windblown faces of the Argentine Andes to the old growth mystical forests of Japan and into the heart of the American canvas. We are invited in for an investigation of creativity, illumination of spirit, and discovery of true artistic expression. Come for the skiing, stay for the experience.

The Garrett Russell Experience–Another Time, Another Place–Episode I

Brought to you by: The-House.comUnder ArmourGear JunkieLine SkisSASS Global Travel, and Teton Gravity Research

Executive Producers - Paddy O'Connell & Dana Westbrock
Chief Videographer - Spencer Cordovano,
Archival Footage - Colin Farrell, OPPcreative
Additional Footage - Connor Winton, SASS Global Travel
Dana Westbrock,
Paddy O'Connell,
Editor - Ryan Dunfee, Teton Gravity Research
Original score by Brendan O'Connell aka Sidepart
Special Thanks: Lucas and Travis Moore, Pete Connolly, David Berg, Ben Girardi, Benny Schmitt, Mauri Cambilla, Ryan Dunfee, G Funk,and the entire SASS Family.

From The Series: The Garrett Russell Experience

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Epic. Can’t wait to see the next part!! Good work homies!!