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Man Miraculously Survives Gnarly Avalanche in Montana

This Vermont transplant survived a gnarly avalanche in some seriously rocky terrain in Bridger Bowl and lived to tell the tale. 

While the Weather Channel posted this to Facebook last week, the slide actually happened four months ago according to survivor Max Cohen, who took to the comments section to qualm the haters: 

"A message to everyone saying I was an idiot in this... first off, this slide occurred almost 4 months ago, when the avalanche danger was rated at MODERATE. My partners and I took precautions this day but unfortunately I found an isolated slab that was not prevalent elsewhere. Unlucky me. If you put yourself in avi terrain, things like this could happen."

Turns out, Cohen had even sent the video to the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center back when it had happened so he could help keep others safe. 

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Let this be both a lesson in backcountry risk management and online etiquette. Mistakes and accidents in the backcountry happen, and instead of vilifying those who share their stories, we should be keeping this dialogue as open as possible. 

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Comments (3)

Clearly that’s in Fairy Lake Mountain Resort and not Bridger Bowl.  Fairy Lake Mountain Resort is rather new in Montana and its easy to mistake it for Bridger.

clearly he put 2 turns on the loaded right hand side and knew it

this is completely inaccurate. This is most likely Fairy Lake (which is a backcountry venue and not a resort at all) it is also most certainly not Bridger Bowl.