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Clayton Vila Is A Name You’ll Never Forget Again

TGR alum Clayton Villa is a guy whose skiing you just have to respect, whether you're a park rat, first-chair powder whore, or zip up into a GS suit. The Rhode Island native–or more specifically, the kid from a flat island with no skiing 15 miles off the coast of Rhode Island–has as  balls as big as Ian McIntosh has shredding any Alaskan line, except that he puts them to use in a different kind of no-fall zone. You know, close-out rails on two story buildings, enormous death gaps on and off of features, wallride transfers, and stairset handrails barren of snow that kink, twist, and turn and leave no margin for error. And Clayton greases them all with the same level of style and flow that Sage has ever brought to the hill. Whatever your skiing persuasion, Vila's tenacity, commitment, and style are simply impossible to ignore.

In this short film, Clayton and Stept Productions fixtures like Nick Martini, Cam Riley, and Sean Jordan talk about how Clayton came to be one of the most standout urban skiers (for lack of a better term) in recent memory. Spliced in with archival park footage from his Block Island upbringing and more current footage from his countrywide urban onslaught, it's an awesome reflection on one of the most unforgettable skier you'll ever watch.

You can watch Clayton's segment from TGR's The Dream Factory–along with the rest of the movie–for FREE, right now, by becoming a member of the TGR Community. Click here to watch, and look for Clayton's solo project, Five, to drop on this fall.

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