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Action Inspired: Miss Wyoming Skis

Editor's Note: Wow. As much as we have resisted click bait with beautiful women, this is a whole 'nother story. Miss Wyoming goes heli-skiing, she sticks backflips, skis pow, and could outdo Mike Tyson with a jumprope. America(n Ski Country), eat your heart out!

Footage from skiing and surgery to bikinis and packrafts, etc. from my past few years meshed into one little video.

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About The Author

stash member Amy David

Lover of mountains & adventure. Action Inspired. Passionate about experiencing happiness through outdoor sports across the world.

Comments (11)

This girl is rad. Don’t tell my boyfriend but I’ve fallen in love with someone else! ;)

I agree she kicks ass!

This is sick. I know so many bad-ass chicks from WY, AK, CO and elsewhere who have earned their turn in the spotlight. We need more stories like this from the TGR community!

    Totally agree! It has been super fun and exciting to see people like this come out of the woodwork. Keep crushing Amy!

Which came first Amy–the modeling or the heli-skiing? Nice backies!

    Skiing came the same time I learned to walk, dreams of heli-skiing and flying were next. The backies started in 8th grade (yes, first one was a face plant). Modeling started in 2009 when I competed in my first pageant and won Miss WY Teen USA.

      “I found your perfect girl!” FB Monika Little to ‎Andrew Wagner. Much respect- I grew up in Montana and a backcountry friend posted your video on my FB with the above quote. I couldn’t help but agree. Keep the Northern Rockies on the DL, so we keep the gappers in Colorado. I am Corporate Architect by day and backcountry enthusiast that still returns to the mountains of my youth for epic tours. Much respect!

Was the surgery a result of a ski injury?

    Surgery 1: Trampoline gym - torn ACL, MCL, meniscus.
    Surgery 2: 4th day skiing at Snowbird the next year - torn ACL & meniscus (operated on both knees at once).
    For the love of pow!

This is one of the coolest female edits I’ve ever seen; young women need more amazing role models like Amy!

Hey Amy, I’ve been wondering what section you’re pack-rafting in this video?