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Pacha Mama - S3 E01 - The FullCircle Project

The FullCircle Project is a community service and skiing initiative started by pro skier Matt Philippi. This year, for the third annual summer project, the FullCircle crew headed to Amaru, Peru, to fund and help construct a recycling center. With the help of donors and sponsors, the crew was able to travel to Peru and donate $3000 to the recycling center and contribute two weeks of hard work.This episode opens with a glimpse of the FullCircle crew's skiing in Chile, then the episode travels back in time to the FullCircle crew’s arrival in Amaru, Peru. In Amaru, they begin to learn about the people who live there, their ancient culture, and the troubles they face with modern waste. Episodes two and three will drop on the next two Tuesdays. Enjoy!Click Here To Watch More Matt Philippi Videos

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