Lord Of The Pies - LINE Traveling Circus: Season 5 Episode 2

In late August Will and Andy, along with the fresh out of broken-knee-cap-rehab LJ Strenio all landed in New Zealand after a 13 hour flight. Armed with a rental campervan the group set a winding course on the south island in an epic quest for skiing, sight-seeing, and one pie to rule them all.http://www.facebook.com/Linetravelingcircushttp://www.linetravelingcircus.com Click Here To Watch More Line Videos

Series: Traveling Circus

No high production camera crews, no heli trips to AK, just a couple of guys and a camera criss crossing the US in search of nothing but an angled surface to slide on. In the inaugural season of Traveling Circus, the TC Crew travels to Hood, back East, CO, Vegas, SLC, Whistler and everywhere in between while catching every ridiculous moment on film.

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TGR Partner Line Skis

Although Line is no longer a single skier, building one ski at a time in his parent’s garage, our mission remains the same since 1995. . . MAKE SKIING MORE FUN.

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