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Longtime AK Resident Says Some Glaciers are Receding 10 to 15 Feet a Day

Filmmakers at Aura went to Alaska for adventure. Then they witnessed the glaciers melting. 

Disturbed by the rapidly receding landscape, they talked to Rick Brown, the owner of a small town outfitter in Seward, AK. Brown, a longtime resident and adventurer in Alaska, tells a powerful firsthand account of the drastic glacier recession he is seeing right before his eyes. 

According to Brown, the glacier is receding 10 to 15 feet per day. "Something that would normally take hundreds of years, we're seeing happen in the matter of a day or two," Brown says. "We’re watching the transformation happen in front of our eyes."

With increasingly intense storm cycles, extreme flooding and unpredictability, Brown is understandably concerned for the future—especially that of his children and grandchildren. What type of world are we leaving behind? 

"If you can’t see what’s happening," Brown says. "I think you must be blind."

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It is truly superb. Interesting and enjoyed this video.