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​Red Mountain Wants you to Stand up to “The Man”

Red Mountain is doing something different.

Red, located in Rossland, BC, along the famed “Powder Highway” is Western Canada’s oldest resort. Also, if you haven't heard, it has a pretty insane reputation for getting oodles of snow. The mountain is well-known for its quirky community-focused spirit and Red’s CEO, Howard Katkov, wants to do everything he can to keep it that way.

Basically, the resort is looking to raise money to be able to stay stable and avoid getting owned by "The Man." And they want to do it by selling itself to the skiers and riders who want a piece of the delicious powder pie. They are calling the crowdfunding project, “Fight the man. Own the Mountain.”

On their crowdfunding page, they write: 

“RED is an endangered species in the resort world. We have the snowfall, vertical drop and world-class terrain to go boot-to-boot with the Big Guys, but have consciously maintained our mom ’n’ pop/weird uncle feel for over 100 years. 

We’ve never been owned by a chain, or a bank, or big corporate who think pay days always trump powder days. We want to preserve this ­erce, independent spirit in the face of MegaResorts that might have started out targeting skiers’ hearts but now only have their wallets in the crosshairs...the recent Vail/Whistler purchase of over $1 billion ring any bells?” 

But, what’s in it for the average Jerry? 

Currently, Red is in the first stage of the whole deal, and they want to see who wants to play without asking people to get out their checkbooks...yet.

If Red finds that there's enough interest, they’ll get into gear—and if you invest, you will become an actual owner of the Resort. And money raised would go toward improving the mountain. 

Red started out as a community owned and operated ski club. Years ago, when Katkov heard it was going to shut down, he bought it. "Now," he says in the video above, "it's your chance to help preserve the legacy." 

Find out more details about the project here.

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TGR Contributor Leslie Hittmeier

I currently live and play in the mountains around Jackson, Wyoming, and am the Content Manager of this site.

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