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No Joke: Canada’s First Cannabis TV Advertisement

Canada's first TV Cannabis Advertisement

Posted by Videos Worth Watching on Monday, March 28, 2016

As this above advertisement states, British Columbia is known for its world class skiing, snowboarding, surfing, biking, and wildlife. It truly is a special place to visit if you get the opportunity. What you may or may not know, however, is the region is home to over 17,000 pot farms that produce some of the world's best, most potent strains of bud. 

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The advertisement, which features everything from growers to young families, seeks to educate the public about an open weed market that, according to the commercial, would benefit millions of Canadians. We wish the pot growers of British Columbia good luck in their mission, there is plenty of support south of the border. 

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TGR Contributor Jonathan Desabris

Content Coordinator at TGR. Recent Jackson Hole transplant from the Green Mountain State. Came to see what the fuss was about. Contrary to popular belief I have never lived in New Jersey.

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