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Our Athlete Team

We’re proud to work with some of the best athletes in the game. Whether slaying spines, chasing big waves, or terrorizing kickers, they make our jaws drop. Learn more about TGR’s athletes here — and then check them out in our latest films.

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Our Editorial Team

This crew of misfits risks frostbite and carpal tunnel to craft stories and images that aim to inspire. Check out their profiles to learn more about our writers, photographers, and editors.

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Lee Lau (Contributor)
Colter Hinchliffe (Athlete)
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (Athlete)
Ian McIntosh (Athlete)
Brennan Lagasse (Contributor)
Ian Gordon Tarbox (Contributor)
Tess Weaver Strokes (Contributor)
Stumpy (Contributor)
Heather Hansman (Contributor)
Theo Birkner (Contributor)
Jeremy Jones (Athlete)
Ryland Bell (Athlete)
Mark Carter (Athlete)
Dash Longe (Athlete)
Dylan Hood (Athlete)
Dana Flahr (Athlete)
Forrest Shearer (Athlete)
BettyDee (Contributor)
Griffin Post (Athlete)
Nick McNutt (Athlete)
Todd Ligare (Athlete)
Kim Havell (Contributor)
Brigid Mander (Contributor)
Greg Fitzsimmons (Contributor)
Brody Leven (Contributor)
Tim Durtschi (Athlete)
Max Hammer (Athlete)
Angel Collinson (Athlete)
Daniel Tisi (Athlete)
Mike Sudmeier (Contributor)
Ryan Dunfee (Editor)
Lucas Merli (Athlete)
Christian W  Dietzel (Contributor)
Luca Pandolfi (Athlete)
John Collinson (Athlete)
Amanda Monthei (Contributor)
Dylan Silver (Contributor)
Jimmy Goodman (Athlete)
Jesse Huffman (Contributor)
Kris Gross (Contributor)
Jenn Sheridan (Contributor)
MacKenzie Ryan (Editor)
Matt Hayes (Contributor)
Stephanie Nitsch (Contributor)
Ryan Stuart (Contributor)
Dane Tudor (Athlete)
Bryan Iguchi (Athlete)
Frank Knab (Athlete)
Berne Broudy (Contributor)
Marty Basch (Contributor)
Brad Oates (Contributor)
Jonathan Desabris (Contributor)
Micah Berman (Contributor)
Henry Lanman (Contributor)
James Spiller (Contributor)
crazy_karl (Athlete)
Leslie Hittmeier (Contributor)
Paddy O'Connell (Contributor)
Sam Morse (Editor)
Taylor Graham (Contributor)
Jenna Mahaffie (Contributor)
Cam McCaul (Athlete)
Thomas Vanderham (Athlete)
Tom van Steenbergen (Athlete)
Brook Macdonald (Athlete)
Katy Flanagan (Contributor)
AudraManzer (Contributor)
Aggy (Athlete)

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