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Never Summer Revolt 2011 Review

Trucks: Randal RII 180

Wheels: Abec 11 Zig Zag 81A
Bearing: Element Ceramic

The Never Summer Revolt came in to my hands rather accidentally, but regardless how it came to me I'm so glad it did. The board was built for freeriding and it does that exceptionally well.

I've had the board now for 3 days, and in that time I've logged a minimum of 50 miles on it. I've taken it to work, sessioning hills, 10 mile 2 a.m. cruises through bear country without bear mace, guess I wanted to see if I could outskate a bear, but so far this board has proven itself through and through as an all in one quiver stick.


The 41.5" twin shaped deck has a mellow negative camberprofile, deep concave, an almost snowboard inspired sidecut and the most pronounced nose and tail I've ridden on a twin shaped freeride deck. The board shape holds your feet like they were glued, however the stock grip is a little fine for my tastes and my almost soleless shoes.  The drop through mounts came with an aluminum reinforcement which at best keep the trucks from stressing the deck and at worst just look pretty bad ass. 

The bottom is coated in a "DuraPic Graphic" Which is the decks graphic put into a scratch and chip resistant plastic sheet, adopted from Never Summer's snowboard line. And the ends are capped with P-tex so when you fly off your board and the only thing you see ahead of you is your deck barreling straight for a curb, you can be reassured that those plastic capped ends will keep your deck from splitting (that's what killed my previous longboard).


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