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DC Status Snowboard Boot 2012 Review

Feet, prepare to be stoked. Like a gift from the heavens, the top shelf Status boot from DC is all about all day comfort and balls-out performance.  It’s the boot of choice for Mr. Travis Rice, which for some is all they need to know. But if you’re like me, it takes more than a pro endorsement to get me in a pair of boots. Let me break it down.

The first thing I noticed was great board feel through the low profile Unilte outsole. Made with a combo of EVA foam, rubber, and a little gel in the heels, it dampened the ride nicely while still keeping me one with the mountain. The dual boa lacing system is amazing. Popping them loose every few chairlift rides, while hiking, or in the tramline ensured my feet stayed happy all day. Another plus is riding with the lower boa tight and playing with the tension of the upper let me really dial in what flex I wanted. Bombing through end of the day chop, I’d crank it up for a super supportive ride. But keeping the top loose made it great for jibbin’ around with tons of freedom for tweeking, while still staying supportive. I also liked the ventilation DC builds into their boots. At first I thought it was a gimmick, but I think the Aerotech system really does keep my feet drier, and therefore a little warmer. My boots are no longer the funk factory chilling in the corner.

There are a few small things I’d like to point out to the potential purchaser. The DC Constrictor design is pretty sweet, keeping the boa hardware on the side of the foot and keeping it clean under the ankle strap while retaining good heel hold.  However, after several runs I noticed the lower cables shifted to be maxed out over my instep and loosened slightly around my ankle.  This left my ankle with a little slop considering how tight I had the boot. Slednecks, take note that the boa for the lower zone is on the inside of the leg, and could be knocked off while rallying.

Overall, this is a sick all-mountain, destroy-everything boot.  DC had been making boots since 1997, and it shows with this high-end boot. I used to say that foot pain and snowboarding went together like peanut butter and ladies, or Chinese food and chocolate pudding, but I stand corrected. This boot has my blessing.

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