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Burton Custom Flying V 2012 Review

If you’re looking for a snowboard with serious snap, pop, power, and control (and, really, who isn’t?), then Burton’s Custom Flying V Snowboard might just be for you. The most playful of all of Burton’s 2013 offerings, the Flying V is perfect for the easy-going and laid-back rider looking to have a fun time on the mountain this winter.

First Impression

I’ve rarely if ever had a negative experience on a Burton snowboard so I was pretty hyped on the Flying V before it even showed up at my door. Upon quickly thanking the delivery man, tearing open the package, and examining the board, I felt that my excitement was well-founded. The Flying V felt light, looked like it had a great shape, and was decked out with a killer graphic.


In addition to keeping the board strong and speedy, a Burton Super Fly II™ with Dualzone™ EGD™ core and Triax™ Fiberglass keep the board feather light. Is it the lightest board that I’ve ever tested? No. Is it light enough for even the most weight-conscious rider? Yes.

The Flying V’s state-of-the-art Channel binding system further cuts down on the overall weight.



The Flying V is equipped with a medium flex (5 on a scale of 1 to 10) that makes it ride well on just about any area of the mountain. Better yet, Burton’s Infinite Ride™ technology makes it so that your board feels (and is) broken in on your very first day riding it.


As mentioned above, the Flying V is incredibly playful for a snowboard. This playfulness translates smoothly over into quick and agile turning capabilities. The blend of camber and rocker focuses on edge control allowing you to power through turns without batting an eye. Frostbite edges make finding traction in hard pack a piece of cake.


I almost felt as though the Flying V was too floaty and easy at first. However, its playfulness is easy to get used to. It wasn’t long before I felt completely at home on the board.


I was surprised at just how much pop the Flying V had. Simply put, if you like a snowboard with pop, then this Burton board is a ‘must have.’ Even though it absolutely launches you into the air, it is very easy to keep control of and direct to just the place that you want to land.

Overall Impression:

The Burton Custom Flying V is a damn good choice for any snowboarder out there set on destroying the park or the powder. It works well in just about any condition and can float over just about any sort of snow and pop up and over just about any obstacle. This is the board for messing around. It allows you to seamlessly transition from one terrain type to another in the same day of riding.

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