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10 random instagram photos from Mammoth’s Snowmaggedon

If you can't be at Mammoth I find the second best thing is randomly swiping through the instagram location feed. Due to the insane amount of snow, there's an awful lot of pictures of buried cars, dudes dressed kinda weird and women that can't seem to keep their clothes on. 

Unfortunately there's not many shots of people actually riding yet. But groomer has it that will all change today as enough stranded shredders have apparently drank it blue. But will the mountain open?

Until then enjoy this selection of my personal favorites!

"All of these clothes are burning my skin!"

Dig out that LAV panda man!

"it's -9 degrees but my followers only like pictures of my butt."

Meh, probably just a Prius. I don't go to Mammoth until it's Hummer Deep.

"Quick honey, take the damn picture!!!"

Is there anything these boots don't go with?

A good wife always takes a picture of her husband digging out her car.

Ahh yes, The Sylvia Plath Foot Warmers. (I'll give you time to google that reference)

Wait, you're not going to clean off the car?

I can't tell if this guy is serious, but I love everything about this picture. 

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About The Author

stash member Tate MacDowell

I'm a video producer and owner/founder of Death Cookie Entertainment. I've worked for companies like Teton Gravity Research & Brain Farm. I'm currently living in Cardiff By The Sea, CA. I'm a surfer, skier, father and currently battling cancer.

Comments (2)

I am very disappointed in the photo choices made by the author of this article. Mammoth has much to offer, and surely this could have been the picture choices for this article over the objectification of women.

    your kinda being sexist what about the objectifications of the guys in this pictures