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Columbia Presents T-Bar Film’s “Vasu Sojitra Out On A Limb”

Vasu Sojitra does something few people can do, ski the backcountry with one leg. He lost his right leg to a blood infection at 9 months old. But rather than letting his disability define him,Vasu has always treated his amputation as a mere hiccup in life. Columbia presents T-Bar Film's "Out on a Limb", a film that profiles Vasu's inspiring story and follows him as he ventures deeper into the backcountry to summit peaks, drop into avalanche zones, send cliffs, and ski deep powder lines–all completely unassisted.This film gained international recognition as a finalist in the Banff Mountain Film Festival and as winner of the Winter Wildlands Backcountry Film Festival. Teton Gravity Research is proud to be exclusively premiering "Out On A Limb" today on our website.

Go behind the scenes of "Out On A Limb" with an exclusive interview with Vasu Sojitra & director Tyler Wilkinson-Ray.

Learn more about Vasu, enjoy a recap of his recent submit of the Grand Teton, the first by an adaptive athlete with crutches. 

Check out the original trailer to "Out On A Limb" presented by Columbia.

Interested in learning more about T-Bar Films? Be sure to check out their first film "United We Ski".

Like the gear Vasu is rocking! Get your all the gear you need from Columbia for the fast approaching winter!

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Comments (4)

This guy is a badass!

Wow! The VT footage is insane

Flippin’ A. Having suffered a spinal cord injury, and come back to skiing, and being pretty happy with the level I’ve been able to get to, it’s mind-blowing watching Vasu have the stamina and flow on bump lines and chutes like he does in this film. Respect.

    Seriously - the control and strength to flow through turns like that is super impressive. Hope to see more from Vasu!