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Meet the Crew Who Helps Breathe Life Into TGR’s Forums

Editor's Note: All photos taken by Ryan Dee.

Pirates at the top of the tram. 

Earlier this month, 14 members of the TGR community gathered here in Jackson, Wyoming, to ski together. What ensued was a day full of laughs and tram laps with people who have a supreme and genuine love for skiing. It was really quite beautiful. 

A lot of these guys and gals have been a part of the TGR community for many years. They call themselves Maggots and their platform is the forums.

The original Maggots migrated to TGR when Powder Magazine's forums shut down years ago. Since then, the forums have grown to become a place where people can talk about gear, skiing, and... pretty much anything else mountain folk like to talk about. 

Here are some photos from the gathering along with words from Mag., Bobby Freeburg, a.k.a. @flowingalpy.  

Getting off the tram. 

"I grew up skiing The Mt Lassen Ski area in the Southern Cascade Range of California. In 1982, an extended family visit to the PNW led to my introduction to Alpental, which is situated in the central Cascades of Washington.

Skis were long, pants were bell, and wool was king. Wet and cold were just part of the game.

One great thing about the 80's were the flashy colors and bold patterns that showed up on the hill. Skittles were on snow long before the park kids rocked the baggies. It took a bit longer, for non-earth tone colors to show up in the PNW, I like to think I helped others out of the closet." - Bobby Freeburg

Maggots raging down Rendezvous Bowl. 

"I've been fortunate to be blessed with a family that enjoys skiing almost as much as me. We take a few trips a year to the larger hills so we can ski groomers and be tourons. It sure has been a fun ride teaching my children to ski. I don't regret a single tear shed or fit thrown, by either me or them. My son, Q, has become a competitor in the Junior Freeride circuit and has adopted the, 'Do I have to wait for you' vibe. I'm so proud to have created a ski energizer bunny that also safely offloads the chairs. The good news for my aging ski hobby is my 4-year-old old lil girl. Last month she mastered the power snow plow! She is skiing the blues and also safely offloading the lift like a good bunny!"

Matching jeans and jackets make these two the coolest couple on the mountain. 

"Mag. Norseman loaded me and my 13 year old son, Q, into his truck and piloted us to Jackson Hole. We skied Anthony Lakes as we made the drive east and got 14" of new. Such a treat!

Next morning we arrived in JH to begin 17BBI at JH. B-bear did an excellent job with the franchise and I'm really proud of her. Conditions were spring like, which was fine by me. I enjoyed meeting and skiing with the Mags that attended the event. I hope it will be an annual gathering!"

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About The Author

TGR Contributor Leslie Hittmeier

I currently live and play in the mountains around Jackson, Wyoming, and am the Content Manager of this site.

Comments (2)

You need to do a little fact checking…

Taking nothing away from the fine mags that attended this BBI, however only a very small percentage if any, actually go as far back as the original “Powder Magazine” era (where the term “mag” or Maggot’ actually comes from. OG should be reserved for those mags that have been around since 2001. As this is part of TGR history you should really make an effort to get this right.

I don’t think the OG’s check out the Stash.