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Atomic Atlas 2012 Review

I was originally introduced to rocker by Seth Morrison at North Cascade Heli Skiing. We walked into the heli barn and he grabbed my boot and started to mount them to a pair of the K2 Pontoons that they had for clients. It being Seth I decided to listen to him and go for it. The next day we went up in the bird and I proceeded to have one of those life changing days. I was a fan and vowed to never go near powder without rockered skis on my feet. I spent the next few years battling it out on the groomers on my way to powder stashes around my local hill. I wanted to buy 10 pairs of Pontoons in case they changed the design I never wanted that feeling to go away.

In 2010 I was convinced to try a pair of the Atomic Atlas'. I was convinced that I would not like them. They had camber and no tail rocker. I wanted that pure feeling.  I got to take them up to Grand Targhee on a big powder day. I was immediatly blown away. The ski was everything I could have wanted. It had all the benefits of rocker and still skied like a Dynastar Legend on the crud and Groomers. Let's be realistic, most of us do not ski powder exclusively and most of us can only afford one pair of skis. The Atomic Atlas is the perfect match between a heavily rockered ski and a beefy all mountain ski. I have ran into quite a few people skiing newer technology. Mostly people are on dual rockered skis with camber under foot. These are pretty sweet, but not necessary for people who mostly ski in the fall line and don't ski switch that often.

The 2011 Atlas is very similar to the 2010 Atlas. Why fix it if it aint broke. Atomic left it largely unchanged. That is a good thing. The new graphic is super sweet.?Bottom line: If you ski Jackson, Aspen, Whistler, Chamonix, or Squaw this is  one of the best skis for the job.??

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