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BCA Tracker DTS 2011 Review

BCA Tracker DTS review by evo - The Tracker is still the standard for an easy to use backcountry beacon.  This beacon works great for someone who rides a little bit of slackcountry, or goes occasionally into the backcountry but doesn't spend as much as time as they should practicing their avvy skills.  For straight out of the box ease of use this would be the beacon of choice.  

 Of course I highly recommend that everyone brush up on their search skills before even thinking about going into avalanche terrain, the reality is that doesn't always happen.  This beacon keeps it simple and straightforward.  That being said, without practice your search time will definitely suffer as will your partners survival chances, so even with the tracker practice up!!!  Even just one or two practice sessions can seriously sharpen searching skills and cut down on time, and that's true of all beacon models.

I gave 4 stars as opposed to 5 due to the Tracker's multiple burial tracking abilities.  It has a functional system and can do advanced searches moderately well with enough practice.  However, there are more advanced beacons out there that will perform better in these situations.

Review by evo

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