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Ninthward Rory Silva Twin Tip Powder Skis Review

Twin tips with 100-110ish waists are so hot right now. Every gaper from Aspen to Zermatt seems to be on a pair, and every ski company seems to have their entry (or multiple entries) into the category. But you’re not a gaper right, RIGHT? So you need something a little more unique and a little more badass. Enter Ninthward’s Rory Silva twin tips, made to rip pretty much anything. The full sidewall construction and traditional camber allow the skis to go pretty much as fast as you want on groomers, as well as embue the skis with strength to power through crud and choppy chop that you’ll inevitably face. The steel edges built into these, as well as most Ninthward skis, were made to be abused, so when the powder isn’t flowing, feel free to destroy your skis on manmade obstacles. Hit enough rails and you can take any ski down, but the Rory’s are tough, tougher than most to be certain.

But the preceding paragraph is just there to demonstrate that this ski is an all-mountain killer, what these skis do best is transfer powder from the ground to your face. The 183cm version clocks in at 113mm underfoot, making it relatively easy to slash pow turns like a champ. This ski is highly recommended for good to great skiers that live in the Western US or Canada and want a one-ski quiver at a good price (read: ski bums, you know who you are).

Review provided by Level Nine Sports

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