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K2 Pontoon Skis 2011 Review

K2 Pontoon Skis 2011 Review provided by evo - I've said it before and was reminded this spring once again why the Pontoons are so darn good. First, this isn't a "pro" skier's ski or simply a "powder only" ski. The Pontoons are remarkably versatile. While best in any smooth conditions (1" to 5' of new snow), getting to the lift after the off piste run isn't a nightmare as some would expect. There's side-cut under the foot that allows you to actually carve a decent turn and the soft/smooth snow performance more than justifies the times you wished that you had some super-carvers on the groomers. I started skiing the Pontoons 4+ years ago and they changed the way that I look at skiing. The interesting think is that I skied them again at a K2 ski test in Haines, Alaska this spring in corn, powder and some hard-pack and quickly remembered how much fun the skis is. The taper and rocker combination is what makes the ski so user-friendly. You look the direction that you want to turn and the ski pretty much does it for you. They reduce the fatigue factor because of the ease of turning and flotation by a huge factor and if you love trees, this ski is as agyle as it gets. I've seen beginning powder skiers transformed by the Pontoon and pros rip bick faces on them making the "sweet spot" when it comes to who would enjoy the ski as large if not larger than any ski I've ever seen. If you are wanting a more traditional ski with a super strong tail and stiffer flex for airs and high speeds, go with the new and improved dark-side but if you want a really fun do about everything ski with a focus on soft snow, the Pontoon is amazing. There's a reason why the shape hasn't changed over the last few years. That leaves me with one last comment. While not widely marketed or known, the flex of this year's Pontoon is actually stiffened up a tad (not stiff relatively speaking but a bit stiffer than the last version). This makes the ski perform just better on harder snow conditions.

Last, I'm 5'8" (on a good day), 150lbs and ski the 179. The 189 has essentially the same flat spot (under foot on snow) but a bit more up front and tail making it almost as agyle and definitely suited for most bigger than me.

Review provided by evo

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