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DaKine Concourse Double Ski Bag 2011 Review

When it comes to building bombproof ski bags, there’s no one who does it better than Dakine.

I have been rocking the Concourse Double for over 10 years now and felt that I was using the pinnacle of all ski bags until I received the brand new ‘11/’12 version. Let’s just say that Dakine stepped it up big time and the new ski bag benchmark is significantly higher than ever before.

If you fly the “friendly” skies in pursuit of the deepest pow across the globe then you know that having the strongest, most protective ski luggage is paramount to having a good time once you arrive at your destination. Luggage handlers don’t care that you have thousands of dollars of ski gear in your bag and almost seem to go out of their way to break your precious cargo. I have had past luggage run over, dragged, scuffed, ripped, etc. which is why this bag works so well for me. If I didn’t receive this ski bag I would still be rocking my 10-year-old version since the zippers, straps and everything else are still intact after extensive ski-adventure travels; although, I would be missing out on all of the new features in the latest version of this ski bag. I love the new features.

The Dakine Concourse Double comes in a 185 and 200cm length (perfect for your AK gear!), is fully padded, has zippers and 600D polyester fabric that even the nastiest baggage handlers can’t break or tear. The inside has internal straps with snap buckles to hold two pairs of skis; a removable divider with Velcro for holding poles; three interior pockets that are great for boots, tuning gear, outerwear, etc.; burly large urethane wheels; smart straps and handles (two on top and one on each end of the bag); and a business card/luggage tag holder. This bag makes maneuvering skis through an airport easier than you’d think.

The new Dakine Concourse Double features that are on this ‘11/’12 version and not on my previous model are the handles on top of the bag (this gives you greater leverage while loading the bag into a vehicle) and the three interior pockets (the middle pocket can also be accessed from the exterior of the bag making it perfect for items that you might need to access quickly like an extra jacket, hat, music, etc.). The three interior pockets are great because they allow you to easily compartmentalize your gear for more efficient travel. These are all smart features and I didn’t realize that I needed them until I started using them on this bag and now I can’t see not having them. You can fit a ton of gear in this bag!

I highly recommend the Dakine Concourse Double and it’s my favorite ski bag on the market, hands down. It will protect your gear and won’t fall apart in the process. Get one of these and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

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