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CoreUPT Candide Yard Skis 2011 Review

Skis like the Candide Yard by CoreUPT have two distinct target skiers. So this review is going to have two distinct paragraphs. If you’re a park rat with Candide Thovex YouTube videos in your browsing history, proceed to paragraph #1. If you’re an upper intermediate all-mountain skier who has no idea what a Candide Thovex is, please refer to paragraph #2.

Alright so now that we’ve got all the squares reading the next paragraph, let’s get down to brass tacks. This is a true 100% symmetrical twin tip, meaning skiing backwards, landing backwards and spinning (especially with a center mounted binding) will feel more regular and the skis will perform just as well going forward as they will going backward. The ski has a poppy wood core and durable sidewalls, so performance even for aggressive park skiers won’t be a problem. Under the binding area the ski was pressed with an extra layer to stiffen the ski and prevent the binding screws from being ripped out when you go extra gnar. For the non-park days, this ski will be pretty good on everything from groomers to bumps. This ski will be good in powder too, but for real deep powder you’d probably want something fatter.

OK, adults, the kids have been put to sleep now and we can talk business. These skis are considered a terrain park ski by name and design, but have more than enough shape and toughness for high speed carving, and enough girth for playing around in the trees and off-piste areas. The wood core will make the ski moderately stiff, so beginners need not apply, but these skis are not so metal-laden, stiff or heavy that you need to be an expert to command them. For lower intermediates looking to improve and explore the whole mountain, or upper intermediates looking to move away the narrow carving skis (or rentals) of yesteryear, this is a damn fine choice.

Review provided by Level Nine Sports

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