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Zeal Voyageur Goggle Review

There’s nothing worse than having your vision robbed of you of on an epic powder day because your stupid goggles keep fogging up. Next thing you know, you’re upside down in a tree well you didn’t see coming and your goggles are around your neck and full of snow. Zeal Optics provides a solution to these problems with the Voyageur goggles and interchangeable lenses. Keeping a spare lens in your backpack can save you a lot of trouble. Plus, with a variety of lenses to choose from, you can select the perfect tint for the conditions and go from some blind fool falling down the slopes to having the razor sharp vision of an eagle, flying down the mountain.

Bigger, spherical lenses are trending super hard on the slopes these days and with the Voyageur, Zeal is following suit. With no frame to take up space, the Voyageur allows for plenty of viewing angle. Holding the lens in place is a four-point clip system plus rubber brackets on the far sides and around the nose. It is similar to the Smith I/O, but with the additional clips, it may take a second longer to change. The Voyageur comes standard with Zeal’s Optimum Lens, a mirrored lens that works great in full sun as well as overcast skies. For the storm days, they also include a super low light/clear lens.

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