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Women’s Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit 2013 Review

The Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit for women has become my go to base layer. Not having a full snowsuit or a form of interface, I was always getting snow up in my business. Not anymore. Even if my jacket’s powder belt slips up and snow tries to creep in, like a ninja, the Ninja Suit is there blocking the snow and keeping me warm. A mid weight base layer with 4 – way stretch wicking AIR TECH fabric is a perfect combination for all weather situations. On warmer days I can rock a jacket of over my Ninja Suit and ride. While on colder days the women’s body fit style leaves room for additional layering.

The AIR TECH fabric that allows for both stretch and wicking works with you while hiking and earning turns.  The Ninja Suit sleeves have thumb loops making it snow proof, tucking the suit right into your gloves. When nature calls you use the suit’s 350 degree zip, making it easy to go with the flow. There is another style of Ninja Suit available that is made with merino wool and offers a hood with slightly longer leggings. There is also both versions of the Men’s Ninja Suit. The Ninja Suit will revolutionize your base layering system and is as fun and comfortable as it looks.

The only down fall is that I only have one…

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