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Scott Scream Helmet Review

Helmet selection should only come down to protection, but like all things it’s not that simple. Scott’s Scream helmet is made with an ABS hard shell and meets the current CE EN 1077 certification. Yeah I have no clue what that means, but apparently it represents some of the toughest testing conditions for ski helmets at this time. Shock absorption, penetration by a pointed object and field of view are all tested. That’s pretty rad and now that we know it’s safe we can move on to style and comfort.

I love the Scream’s clean and minimalist look. I don’t need a helmet with distinct contours or obnoxious visors; rather a low-profile option with appropriate venting and a good fit is ideal. The Scream’s deflected venting system ensures the cold air travels around your dome without hitting your forehead. Removable ear covers and goggle retainer allow you to wear the helmet any way you like. Unfortunately though the helmet doesn’t have much in the way of customizing fit, but a padding kit with 3 sizes ensures you can find a solution that works.

It makes sense that the Scream is Tom Wallisch’s helmet of choice. Not only does it “Scream” style but it’ll transition seamlessly from the park to the backcountry. I’m stoked to have found a such a simple piece that’ll get the job done.

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