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Scott Off-Grid Goggle Review

Finally I’ve found a goggle that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for field of view or vise versa. Brand new for 2013 Scott has launched the Off-Grid goggle delivering exceptional peripheral vision and a perfect fit with Scott’s patent pending Fit System. The Fit System allows for an unheard of level customization around face and nose. Two cams on each side of the goggle are capable of moving the frame 4mm with each adjustment. Want more or less room around the nose; want a tighter overall fit, no problem with these insanely comfortable goggles from Scott.

Unfortunately however it’s not that easy to be Felix Baumgartner in the morning and an Olympic marksman at night. The lenses just aren’t that easy to swap out. Years ago I was skeptical of these interchangeable lens systems. Were they durable? Would I actually switch the lenses? The answer is yes to all of the above. It’s come to be a feature I can’t live without.

While Scott’s Off-Grid goggle does leave something to be desired in terms of versatility it more than makes up for it in comfort.  Cheaper than most alternatives the Off-Grid will pose no distractions while crushing pow or lapping the park.

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