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Ride Maestro Snowboard Binding Review

After taking these Ride Maestro bad boys out for about 10 days, you can really tell that they tried to minimize the construction of the binding. There are a few key features of this binding that stand out among similar products. The Slimeback highback is made from a more malleable plastic that really allows you really roll smoothly with those deep turns and give you that extra stretch while you tweak grab. In addition to that, when I find my legs getting tired and I’m weaving through trees and I want to stand up like Lego Man, it doesn’t have that rigid feel in your lower calf that forces you to stand up straight. These allow you to stay relaxed and reduce fatigue.

The straps are streamlined, minimal and comfortably apply support without cutting off circulation to your toes or feet. The Wedgie supports absorb the flat landings and offer that subtle angle to allow your knees and ankles to stand a little more naturally. Plus, this subtle angle also helps reduce fatigue when you are out all day on the mountain. One last small but important detail I really love is the lack of small sidewalls in the binding. Most bindings I’ve ridden give you a little channel to set your foot in that can be a pain to fit your foot in if you are in not the most ideal place to be strapping in. Ride has made the binding just a tad more narrow to eliminate that little channel and make it seamlessly line up where the frame meets the strap.

This is a truly unique resilient binding. I would highly recommend this binding for any rider. If you haven’t ridden a binding with a flexible highback, I highly recommend trying it. You will find that a stiff highback almost becomes more of an inconvenience than a means of support.


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