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Lib Tech POW Nas Review 2013

Two Lib Tech POW Narrow Ass Snowboards in a 191 cm length are my everyday “skis” for ripping Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. At that length, with a waist width of 117 mm, sure, these are a huge pair of skis for everyday use, but they don’t ski that way. With Rocker Entry reCURVE Technology and Magne-Traction, I use these boards whether it is a bluebird powder day or bluebird ice for two weeks. These sticks do it all for me and allow me to rest assured that I am having more fun than everyone else.


Magne-Traction, on skis?


YES. It works. Don’t think about it. Just ski it.

I tried Lib Tech skis with Magne-Traction the first season they came out and absolutely hated the serrated edges. In that first offering, the Magne- Traction worked too well. They over did it with the Magne-Traction. Too many serrated edges. You’d get “locked in” to a turn. Now, about five years later, Lib Tech has it dialed. For me, the Magne-Tractions is most notable in variable powder conditions, which exist often at the resort. If you get six inches on top of firm snow, you can float on these things, then, when you hit the ice, you don’t have to adjust as much, you just keep tracking your turn. I love Magne-Traction. It works.


ReCURVE Technology


Rather than simply bending the tips of their skis up and slapping the word “rocker” on them so powder hungry people buy their boards in the fall, Lib Tech’s reCURVE technology is something different. Essentially, it’s the “mustache” model, where there is camber under foot and rocker at the tip and tail. Thing is, when you step down on the ski, the rocker flexes up. It’s kind of cool. Again, don’t think about it too much, it simply works.


Mounting Point


I mounted my skis on the “sweet spot.” Essentially, I mounted them on the factory recommended spot and am happy with that. I debated about it for a long time with my ski tech, I thought that the sweet spot might be too far forward, but for me it seems fine. I center mounted a pair of skis last winter and hated it, so that was my concern. I ski these boards on the sweet spot with Dalbello Krypton Pros and Salomon STH 16 bindings. Given the beefy-ness of these boards, I would recommend a similarly beefy boot-binding set up.




Sure there’s a lot of funky shit going on with its shape and rocker, but it’s flex is about as classic as you can get with a ski. It’s just a smooth some-what stiff flex. It’s not overly stiff, but these are definitely not noodles. I would describe this flex as almost prefect. I am 5’10” and 190 lbs. The tails are a little stiff for casual ollie-ing but perfect for landing airs and maintaining stability.


Overall Impression


I am totally stoked on these Narrow Ass Snowboards. Like I said, they are my everyday sticks. Perhaps what makes me so stoked is the fact that I had very low expectations on the Magne-Traction, and now I am very much a believer in this technology. These skis are so damn weird in size and shape, but just put them on your feet and go and you’ll be fine. Narrow Ass Snowboards …. It’s like skiing, but fun! Highly recommended.


Song To Listen To While Skiing On These Skis


Kanye West – Clique feat. Jay Z and Big Sean

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