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K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Binding Review

For the impatient or anxious rider, however you may address yourself, these snowboard bindings are for you. The Cinch CTS system is extremely unique – your strapping-in process is accelerated by its bear-trap like design, where it consumes your foot and then you “clip in” by pulling your highback up and flip the lever attached to the cable. Sound confusing here? Sorry. Is it easy in real life? Yes. You could say it’s a cinch. Thanks, I’ll be here all night. …

The nice thing about the Cinch technology versus Flow’s similar set up is that the cables are hidden behind the highback and looped in the heel cup of the binding rather than being exposed right next to the top strap. On Flow bindings, this can get in the way when you kick your foot in to the binding. Also, sometimes with Flows, you don’t get your foot in towards the front all the way and the highback gets stuck on your heel when trying to pull up. It can be very frustrating.

Other than the ease of getting your feet set in the Cinch CTS binding, K2’s Harshmellow technology offers a great padded feel between your boots and the board for those sketchy not so ideal landings. Plus, the canted footbeds allow for a more natural foot stance that reduces fatigue and allows you to stand as natural as possible. My only gripe would be that you can’t adjust the angle of the highback. It is set straight up, which is nice, but for those that would like some forward lean, I would not recommend it. I would recommend this binding for those beginner- to intermediate-riders that don’t like to fuss with traditional binding systems. It is a quality-made product that will increase the natural connection between you and your board. Plus it will please your skier friends that are uber impatient and hate waiting for boarders to strap in their feet.

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