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Green Ski Area

Story and Photos by Pete O’Brien

    The town of Leavenworth Washington has been host to the TGR crew for the last few weeks during the Re:Session park shoot.  It’s been a great place to base out of because there’s so much to do off the hill.  With the Wenatchee River twisting through it and great spots for climbing and mountain biking, Leavenworth is one of the coolest little towns south of the border.      
    Just up the road from Leavenworth is Stevens Pass Ski Area.  Stevens received 445” of snow this season and has some good hidden terrain, plus they operate under a 100% environment commitment, so they end up using things like the wind and the sun to get you up the hill.  We’re definitely checking this place out next winter.Leavenworth mural**Most of the buildings in Leavenworth have an Austrian flavor with murals painted on them.  Even businesses like McDonalds and Napa Auto have replaced their bright plastic signs with hand painted wooden ones. Photo Pete OBrien**TGR house inside**Dylan taking down a box of Triscuits, Dash icing the knee, and Stifter on keyboards.  Photo: Pete OBrien**TGR house outside**The best TGR living conditions I've experienced to date.  Photo Pete OBrien**Tanner pow laps in May

**Sage found a backcountry jib line through the trees with multiple natural hits.  The next day it had snowed 6" and the boys sled lapped the crap out of it.  Here's Tanner on hit 1 of many in that run.  Photo Pete O'Brien**Tanner shot by Wiley** Tanner hit the ReSession park hits at Stevens way more than any other rider.  This Dspin was shot by Wiley on my still camera while I was running around trying to capture the action on a few other cameras.  Photo Wiley Miller.**Tanner and Todd checking out the last shot on the RED** Filming skiing on the RED camera is sweet because the rider can see the shot right after it happens and you dont have to reload the film camera in the middle of a heli shoot. Tanner and Todd reviewing their last shot.  Photo Pete OBrien**Dash sleepy 3**Dash doesn't need any more big sleepy threes on film this year, but sometimes he can't help himself. Photo Pete OBrien**

Alex Schlopy TGR Stevens pass shoot

**Schlopy got wicked tech on this hit. Photo Pete OBrien**Dylan stalling out mid cork 7

**Dylans cork spinning shiftys are REDICULOUS!!! Photo Pete OBrien**Wyley warm up tail 5**Wiley practicing with a tail 5 while Dustin films from the knuckle.  Photo Pete OBrien**

**Park shoots are fun!  This is actually what it feels like sometimes.  When you take a step back it looks like a game. Photos Pete OBrien**

** The Munchenhouse is an open air beer garden where you order your Brat and they give you a vibrating blue light that goes off when your order is up.  Tiff, Jim Jack, Dustin, Nielsen, Dash and Flip.  Photos Pete OBrien**

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