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Eider Dombai Jacket Review

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is just past but winter is a long way from over especially here in Jackson, WY where temps have hit -24 in the past few weeks. Over the holidays, you could snuggle up by the fireside and keep cozy and warm. But now that the holidays are over, it’s back to the harsh reality of winter. Back to work, back to school, back to the everyday chores of life. The song ‘Walking in the winter wonderland’ makes snow and the cold sound charming and it us especially is your wearing an Eider Dombai Jacket.

Don’t Let the Cold Stop Your Activities

It is very important to make sure that you are well covered when you venture outside. Your home may be heated, your commute to work in the car, or buses may all have heaters and your office is probably heated too.  I really liked the fact this coat had hand cuffs, and a hood, when it was miserable out I barely could tell aside from feeling wind against my face. But just the few seconds of getting in and out of the vehicle or walking to the office is enough exposure to the elements that can make you fall ill and certainly be uncomfortable especially with the nasty flu bug going around. I realized quickly after moving to Jackson, WY that my outerwear was not going to cut it, thank god for Eider.

Eider, which makes progressive outerwear, has stylish jackets that keep you well covered and looking good too. Their Fall/Winter Collection for 2012-2013 is outstanding, which comes as no surprise really. You can continue with your outdoor activities comfortably while allowing Mother Nature to have her day.

Keep Yourself Fashionably Warm

Eider’s stylish Dombai Jackets are water repellent and lightweight.  Rain storms and blower powder days are no match for the Dombai Jacket.  The jacket is made of Downproof Miniripstop which is a highly breathable fabric and has been put through a water repellant treatment. The jacket comes in vibrant color combinations. There is a combination of a sharp, bright and navy blue on the jacket and a yellow zipper that really pops! The black and green combination is also slick looking. Like to film yourself skiing, there is also a single colored jacket in bright yellow if that suits your prerogative. You should not have any trouble with the fit since it has a range in sizes from XS to XXL.

It’s Time to have Fun

The holidays may be over but you can get back to all your outdoor activities by being warmly covered in the Dombai jacket by Eider. The best part about the jacket is that unlike ‘traditional’ puffy gear, which can be heavy and unsuitable for casual wear, this jacket is lightweight and practical perfect for on and off the slopes!

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