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Blizzard Bodacious Skis Review

Here comes Bodacious!


The Blizzard Bodacious is my favorite ski this season. It’s a crazy statement to make with all of the great sticks out there (also, some pretty bad ones), but for me personally, it’s true. I actually have a few favorites this season, but if I could only choose one pair of skis for the entire season, it would be these. I rock the Bodacious in the 196cm length and find them perfect for destroying everything in my path. These sticks do not mess around which is probably why they feature a demonic looking bull on the tips.


It is abundantly clear that not every ski is for everyone and that what I love about the Bodacious, you might not. I am a big mountain rider, I love to go fast and require stable, solidly built skis that can charge. These Blizzard’s excel in all of these areas. These skis are far from light, but who cares when you can decimate the mountain with complete control. I also find the Flip Core (Arne Backstrom’s brainchild) to be much more stable than traditional rocker and more stable at speed. Don’t be intimidated by a longer length because the Flip Core allows you to haul and then dump speed at a moment’s notice. So rad!

I will admit that these Bodacious were the skis I had my eyes on more than any other 11/12 skis, but at the end of the day, I was more stoked than I thought I would be. This says a lot because I placed them so high up on a pedestal that if they performed even slightly worse than I expected, I probably wouldn’t be writing such a glowing review. They’re that good.


I like to use the same skis all season long since I retired my park skis last season due to personal wear and tear and am very happy with these. I unfortunately have not used them in my home state of AK just yet, but will next season when I spend a month up there and am 100% confident that they will hold up. These are clearly built to slay Chugach faces.


One last thing that I would like to touch on is how they work in powder. The Bodacious are at home and built to excel in powder and that they do. I will be the first to admit that I took my brand new pair of Bodacious into early season Colorado conditions that I probably shouldn’t have since most other people were sporting 10-year-old rock skis, but by doing so, I discovered something extra special about these skis. While others were earning core shots, I was floating over the ultra boney conditions. The flotation kept me well out of harm’s way. They love powder.


It is amazing to see a company like Blizzard go from a middle of the pack company to industry leading in such a short amount of time. I honestly didn’t really think about Blizzard much a few short years ago, but now, I would be doing myself a huge disservice if I didn’t try them out. How would I have known what I truly love?  Blizzard is for real and definitely believe the hype. Get on a pair and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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