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Best Outerwear of 2012

When it comes to outerwear, looking good is only the beginning. The true value of jackets and pants lie within their ability to not only keep us warm and dry, but to actually progress our riding and enhance our experiences. 2012 was particularly generous in offering us a sweet stash of outerwear options that refuse to fail when fueling our passions. Now that we have stomped our landing in 2013, it is worth taking a look back at some of the jackets and pants that helped get us here, and promise to continue pushing us further.
Homeschool Destroyer Jacket
Homeschool has made a ton of noise lately with their outrageously functional outerwear. A staple in their arsenal is the Destroyer Jacket. On a mission to be the leader in breathability, Homeschool keeps you nice and dry from the inside out. The Destroyer is equipped with Cocona Xcelerator technology that has not just raised the bar for breathability, but has bolstered it to unheard of levels. Plus, this jacket also comes suited up with the Darth Hater hood, which lays claim to the throne in both performance and name. If you are on a hunt for a piece with a clean style that straight up gets the job done, look no further than the Homeschool Destroyer Jacket.
Analog Deploy Jacket
Dastardly conditions don’t stand a chance when you unleash the dominant defense of the Analog Deploy Jacket. They went all in with the creation of the Deploy by teaming up with Gore-Tex to achieve 20k breathability and 28k waterproofing. If you consider that 10k is enough to get the job done, you can have complete faith that Analog set you up to stay dry from all angles no matter how moist the mountain becomes.
Bonfire Ballistic Jacket
If you like to ride a lot, then you need a jacket that is rad a lot. Developed by shredders who hit the hill triple digit days in a season, the Bonfire Ballistic Jacket can take all the abuse a mountain can dish out. This piece is perfectly suited towards any location, climate or style of riding as it is loaded with all the goods necessary to blow up any session. Three layers thick and completely bombproof, Cordura fabric resists all the ripping and the tearing while giving you a cozy, totally waterproof experience. If you live on the slopes, check out the Bonfire Ballistic Jacket, because it boasts wicked durability to keep you riding strong this season and beyond.
Airblaster Grumpy Jacket
With nothing but a bad attitude towards nasty conditions, the Airblaster Grumpy Jacket is vigilant about protection. The Grumpy sneers at the weatherman’s warnings and charges ahead to take on any storm with its incredibly rugged ripstop fabric that is primed for tearing through trees and all other kinds of unfriendly terrain. Combo your mean mug with a snarl when you rock the toughest jacket on the mountain, and ruthlessly rip apart every feature that crosses your path.

Lib Tech Strait Jacket

Never for the faint of heart, the Lib Tech Strait Jacket was designed specifically for the shredifiably insane. Crafted from recycled materials, including 100% reused polyester, this coat provides unparalleled protection and unrestricted mobility. It’s impossible not to get nutty when you rock features like the dual-chest diagonally zipping ventilation system, peripheral hood adjustment and critically taped seams. The truth is, you would actually have to be crazy not to love the Lib Tech Strait Jacket, because it has got earth-friendly functionality all locked up.
Nike Women’s Bellevue SE Jacket
No more packing according to the weather, because the Nike Women’s Bellevue SE Jacket does it all. This 3-in-1 set equips the chicas to manhandle all kinds of conditions. Combo them up or rock them on their own, either way, the shell, vest and base fortress have got all your mountain needs covered. Loaded with performance and features, this jacket lets the ladies look good and ride even better.
Burton AK 2L Stagger Pant
For a moment, use your imagination to picture a crazy mad scientist who loves nothing more than to get his shred on. Odds are that you have some super sweet hair in mind, right? But that is not all you would envision. This guy would also be wearing the Burton AK 2L Stagger Pant. Gore-Tex has gotten their mittens all over this pair as they have been amped up with some seriously intense waterproofing to keep you dry for whatever kind of snowy experiments you like to conduct. Thermacore insulation offers amazing warmth-to-weight ratios and never limits mobility. There is no doubt that the wildest minds concocted the Burton AK 2L Stagger Pant as it redefines everything you previously hypothesized outerwear could accomplish.
Flylow Baker Bib Pants
As a general rule to ride by, choose outerwear that won’t lead to wet underwear. Never to be overlooked in the ongoing fight against soggy undies, bibs provide some of the most functional performance you can suit up with, and Flylow has got their pair absolutely dialed. The Flylow Baker Bibs are absolutely bombproof and were constructed to keep going strong even after multiple seasons of abuse. Built to keep a smile on your face during the deepest powder sessions, these bad boys shouldn’t be left at home in the spring either as they feature fantastical cross flow ventilation. No matter the conditions, the Flylow Baker Bibs thrash the whole hill with authority.
Volcom Women’s Zoomer Pants
It’s really hard not to get excited about the Volcom Women’s Zoomer Pants. One peak and you’ll freak! These leg huggers seriously pop with all kinds of eye-catching prints and colors. But their style is only one reason the Zoomer pants never fail to turn heads. Ladies are able to savor all the delicious technology jammed into this pair, like the V-Science breathable lining system and adjustable knee pads, as they lay down the nastiest lines that do nothing but demand attention.
Indeed, there is no doubt that 2012 supplied plenty of options for fantastical fashionably functional outerwear. Now, only one question remains. Which one will you choose to ignite your own progression?

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