Backcountry Gear Testing: Dynafit, G3, Scarpa, And OR

Southwestern British Columbia has been having an “average” snow year. This has led to some early-season angst among those with short-term memories who've remembered the past two years with Skinning Up to Lesser FluteSkinning up to Lesser Flute. Technically this is Whistler inbounds. You can bootpack it, too.

Lee Lau on Lesser FluteJust an average snow year. Cruising a lap on Lesser Flute.

Sharon Lau on Lesser FluteJust another average snow lap.

Damian railing Boundary BowlRailing Boundary Bowl.

Now that I got some skiing pow stoke shots out of the way, let's cut to the chase. I've got some product reviews to do and some initial impressions to give. Unlike other sites that just go on and on about gear, I like to show equipment in use. Since all of the products I am now going to showcase are ostensibly for backcountry gear, I'm not going to talk about its hardpack performance, but instead going to babble on about how they perform in powder - the environment in which they should be used.

- An “average” snowpack means one can let their skis run a bit more. I've got some Lee Lau on the ascentCan't remember why I look so constipated. More Posing, Lee LauMore posing - Skiing the G3 district
The Lee Lau So Pitted in BC
The Lee Lau skiing in Scarpa's
I've already reviewed the Lee Lau in the powSeattle-based Outdoor Research's Jameson FlorenceThanks to Jameson “Barrelled” Florence for the pictures and video.

Sharon BaderThanks also to Sharon “Fully Involved” Bader for pictures.

TGR Contributor Lee Lau

Professional Recreationalist. I ski mainly in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia in the Whistler/Pemberton area. I often travel to the Selkirks, the Monashees and to other touring destinations.

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