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Arcade The Hemingway Belt Review

It’s kind of funny how as skiers and snowboarders we over scrutinize almost every piece of ski and snowboard equipment we own, but for some reason have always overlooked our belts. Over the years, I have used almost every type of belt while skiing and although they effectively kept my pants from settling around my ankles, they never really added any other value to my skiing either. Well, thanks to the creative and innovative minds behind the new belt brand Arcade, we can finally start to see belts differently, as the important performance accessories they can be.

I was fortunate enough to receive The Hemingway belt from Arcade for testing and can easily say that it’s the best ski belt I’ve ever owned. The stretchy material utilized by Arcade not only holds my pants up, but moves with me as I ski. No matter what type of terrain I’m getting after, The Hemingway keeps things secure and in place with no binding whatsoever. It makes so much sense to use an elastic belt for skiing since the elasticity is better for movement, but until now, it just wasn’t done. I also like how the plastic clasp is simple, high-quality and easy enough to secure with or without gloves on

I’m definitely a fan of what the guys over at Arcade are coming up with and appreciate that their products are innovative, their designs and logo are legit and they’re not following the industry status quo. Sometimes things can get pretty stale in the ski and snowboard industry, but thanks to Arcade, everything they seem to be doing is fresh and progressive. As of right now, Arcade makes the only ski and snowboard belts that I can recommend. Get one and feel the difference.

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