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Pro-tec Riot Boa Helmet Review

I’ve got Boa on the brain, literally! The Riot Boa from Pro-tec is a good looking, low profile, and exceptionally lightweight melon saver. Not too hot, nor too cold. I found that this helmet kept my head at a “just right” temperature for most of my day on the hill. I did have to take it off during a short hike, but I think its better to have a helmet that keeps your dome warm and toasty. As opposed to other helmets that may induce a brain freeze on windy lifts. That’s no fun.

I found the visor helped with creating a tight fit with several different brands of goggles that I own. It also assisted with airflow both through the goggle, and through the internal vent system. The passive vents on the top of the helmet kept me cool when I did get a little sweaty, but I never felt any unwanted cold blast.

The Boa system in this helmet is great. It really secures the helmet to the head, with no pressure points. It fit me well out of the box, but with a few cranks on the dial, I felt that this helmet would stay snug through any high-speed quadruple tomahawks I may endure.

I love bumping tunes on the hill, so I was happy to see this model came with Pro-tec’s audio force ear pads. Good sound, and they don’t hinder your hearing when not playing music. Another simple yet crucial feature is the removable liner. If you hike a lot you know the funky helmet factor. Just yank out the liner and wash it. The ladies in the gondy will thank you.

I often forgot I was even wearing this helmet on the hill, and that’s a good thing. It’s light, comfortable, and most importantly, not kooky looking. This is a great helmet to let your head bounce off the ground in. Thanks Pro-tec!

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