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Why Handheld GPS is a Necessity for Kayak Fishing?

Kayaking is one of the common outdoor sports in America. Kayakers explore rivers and lakes in the wild, meaning that they can end up in an unknown location. That is why is advised to be equipped with a reliable GPS device that will guide you through your adventure. 

The best handheld GPS will enable a kayaker with several possibilities to explore both saltwater and freshwater, and it is highly recommended for kayakers. 

So why is a handheld GPS essential for a kayaker?

1. They Are Durable/Long Battery Life

The handheld GPS devices have been specifically designed to offer the exact global position with the help of the satellite. Since it is designed for outdoor use and harsh environment, it means that it will last for long without breaking down. The ruggedness of the device means that they can withstand falls and other rough situations. Also, you can find waterproof devices that are perfect for the kayaking environment.

The battery life is also worth pointing out. Compared to a smartphone that cannot last for long when the location function is enabled, the handheld GPS device can last for over 16 hours when in use. Some of them come with a rechargeable battery, which enhances its dependability.

2. Easy Handling/Exploring

Another benefit of having the handheld GPS when kayaking is that it is easy to control your kayak with the device in your hand. It has a thick and non-slippery body compared to a smartphone. There are limited chances of it slipping off your hand when you want to operate it. The edges have a strong grip, which promotes proper handling as well. Using a smartphone might be challenging, especially when you are in the middle of a lake or a river.

3. Better Coverage

With a handheld GPS device, you will enjoy a better coverage even when you are deep in the woods. They are designed with powerful receivers that offer a stable coverage for your global position tracking. If you were to use a smartphone, you might not get the results needed due to a poor network coverage. The GPS units connect directly to the satellite, while a cell phone will depend on the coverage area of the provider.

4. Extra Features/Functionality

When you use a handheld GPS, you can be sure of accessing more functionality compared to the web or smartphone. These devices come with special features like an electronic compass, a route planner, a trip computer that computes the speed or distance to the next checkpoint, a photo viewer, a waypoint marker, among others.

You can upload maps for easier navigation, know the exact distance you have covered, take photos, and even have a two-way communication with your kayaking buddies. A good GPS device can also help you know the best days for kayaking. Other than that, you can also connect your handheld GPS device with your computer or smartphone.


A handheld GPS device is the perfect guiding tool that you need when you want to explore your kayaking adventure. Ideally, go for the buttoned devices since they can be operated even with thick gloves. Also, ensure that you understand the ease-of-use, along with the reliability of the handheld GPS unit before you choose to buy it.

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