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Kimmy Fasani’s Picks For Snowboarding, Yoga, and Year-round Good Livin’

Photo by Gabe L'Heureux. 

Raised by roaming the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, professional snowboarder Kimmy Fasani has an affinity for numerous outdoor pursuits. The Sierras provide her a training ground unlike anywhere in the west, whether it's biking or climbing, trail running or snowboarding. 

Beyond her humble home, she’s spent years exploring and riding the world’s most iconic snowboarding locations. All of this activity has given her a keen sense of the gear that helps one get there. 

Yoga mats to water bottles and snowboards to energy food, here are some items on Kimmy’s packing list.

#1) Burton Day Trader

Photo by Dean Blotto Gray. 

From hot laps around her home mountain of Mammoth, California to deep backcountry missions around the globe, Kimmy relies on the Day Trader, a highly versatile women’s specific powder board. “This snowboard is reliable on soft groomers and playful on those deep powder days,” Fasani says. “The surfy shape of the board gives me stability and float off-piste and the tapered tail makes the board quick and responsive in the trees. It’s a great board for a woman looking to add a powder board to her quiver.”

#2) Burton AK 3L Kimmy Bib

Photo by Mary Walsh.

The Kimmy Bib is a simple, yet tech set of pants bearing her name and design. “I designed this bib pant for women who want to spend their days adventuring in the mountains while staying warm and very dry,” Fasani notes. “They’re durable enough to take in any weather and the breathable and stretchy Gore-Tex 3L fabric makes this pant easy to move in. There’s an added bonus, too, the drop seat makes these pants easy for pit stops and can also provide venting in warmer weather or during hiking."

#3) Zeal Ace Sunglasses

Photo by Chris Benchetler.

Sunglasses are clutch no matter what activity, and Fasani claims The Ace is her must have piece for every season. “They’re produced from one-hundred percent US-grown cotton and also has a plant based E-Ilume lens—making this the greenest sunglass on the market,” Fasani adds. “On top of that, the lightweight material and durability of these shades can keep up with me on all my activities.”

#4) Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled (Organic)

Cheese, salami, crackers, and wine is fun and fine, but having the energy to play hard in the mountains requires proper fuel. “Clif Bar has always been my source of power every day I’m in the outdoors, but this new bar is a game changer,” Fasani states. “There’s more protein, great flavor, and long lasting energy. I stash one of these in my pack along with a Clif Bar Shot Bloks for climbing, hiking, biking, running, or snowboarding!”

#5) Lululemon Reversible Mat 3mm and The Towel

Photo from Kimmy Fasani's Instagram

Pre or post activity, amateur or professional athlete—mending and maintaining one’s body is crucial. Kimmy relies on a bit of yoga to keep her body in order. “Having a lightweight and comfortable yoga mat to stretch out my body after snowboarding or after a long run in the mountains makes me feel rejuvenated,” Fasani affirms. “Pairing this 3mm mat and The Towel together is my go to move so that I can sweat it out in a yoga class and have a towel to absorb it.”

#6) Mizu V12 Insulated Water Bottle

Photo by Chris Benchetler.

“Staying hydrated on and off the hill is the most important element in our daily lives and by investing in a reusable water bottle we are adding to the longevity of our planet,” she asserts. It’s true, we humans are a roving water system and plastic water bottles are grossly wasteful. “Mizu does a great job at creating products that fit all types of activities and lifestyles. The V12 gets me through the day and the insulated design keeps my liquids cold (or hot) for hours.”

#7) Skullcandy XTfree Wireless Headphones

“Music keeps my energy levels high and that means my headphones have to keep up!” Fasani exclaims. Less wire means more mobility and lets you focus on the activity at hand, which is exactly what these Bluetooth thumps were designed to do. “These wireless headphones are lightweight, sweat proof, easy to adjust, and stay put while you take on the mountains.”

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#8) All Good Products and Herbal Freeze with Arnica

Photo courtesy of Kimmy Fasani.

Stretching helps, but when you truly tire your body you need a bit more. “When my muscles are sore and tired this All Good Herbal Freeze soothes and helps them relax,” Fasani says. “This all natural spray is a mix of herbs and medicinal plants that are designed to relieve pain.” Beyond pain relief, the elements of mountain environments can wear you down in other ways, that’s why All Good makes products that are plant based and designed for people getting after it. “Some of the other products I have in my pack every day are the Zinc Sunscreen, All Good Lips, and the All Good Goop.”

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