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Escape the Heat | Wild Women of the Wasatch | ep.04

Editor's Note: Amy David has done a rad job sharing the stories of rad chicks. In this episode she showcases the summer prowess of the ladies of the Wasatch. 

Summer in Salt Lake City can be a scorcher. I’ve spent the summer pursuing sports that help me Escape the Heat. During the search for cooler temperatures, I’ve met a few women who take to the sky and water to stay cool and escape the heat of daily life in the city. Check out the latest episode of the Wild Women of the Wasatch series to meet a few inspiring ladies who skydive, sail and fish for fun while being positive influences in the community. Click here to read the full article and learn more about these ladies.

Summertime in portions of Utah has a tendency to showcase heat waves and scorching temperatures. The past few months have set record heat waves with continual streaks above 95 degrees. The hot weather is simultaneously daunting and motivating. While it’s excruciatingly hot to hang out in the paved city, it’s also less than an hour in any direction to cool waters, higher mountain elevation and endless outdoor recreation.

Luckily, the temperature decreases by about 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit for every 1,000 feet up you go in elevation. As you increase in elevation, air pressure decreases, air molecules spread out further and the temperature decreases. One of the top ways escape the heat? Hop in a plane and fly to 12,000 feet elevation with a skydiver!

As soon as I met skydiver,  Ashley Peterson, I knew we were kindred spirits, both hungry for freedom and adrenaline. “It is just so inspiring seeing other ladies just killing it at life because it’s like, wow I could be that way or I could be like them and go do these things,” Ashley describes what’s inspiring to her about women in extreme sports.

Flying is a concept many humans are mesmerized by. The elusive something that makes it possible is called lift. This occurs when air accelerates at different velocities around the curved wing which creates a higher pressure on one side and a lower pressure on the other side. Bernoulli’s law says the pressure forces and velocity are related. Similar to the physics of flying, turn the wing on its side and you get the same effect needed to propel a sailboat across the water.

Sailing is a wind-powered sport that involves many intricacies of physics to move the boat forward. I simply hopped on the boat and let Jacky Hallett take the reins, or the rudder. Jacky has been racing sailboats from a young age and currently spends a majority of her time cruising around the Jordanelle Reservoir on a boat between geophysics classes at the University of Utah. 

Several miles above the Jordanelle Reservoir is a prime fishing location on the middle Provo river at about 6,000 feet elevation. Vanessa Pierce is an experienced sports marketer in the outdoor industry and is a co­founder of the national nonprofit SheJumps. Their mission is to increase participation of girls and women in outdoor activities. 

It’s very important to have opportunities for girls outside to learn new skills because it makes you feel better and it empowers you to feel confident to do things on your own. We love that SheJumps and many other women’s organizations can help give you that strength.

There are endless opportunities to connect with positive women active in the outdoors to learn new skills or to simply build more friendships. Click  here to read the full article and learn more about these ladies. 

Thank you to everyone who enjoys meeting the Wild Women of the Wasatch! Stay tuned for the next episode featuring women and their mountain dog companions. Thank you to  Ski Utah for sharing the stories of gals getting after it! Until next time keep up with my adventures on Instagram @AmyJaneDavid.

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