Black Diamond AvaLung II Review

The Avalung is a great tool to help increase your chances of survival if caught in an avalanche. However, it should not be involved in a decision making situation, ie; "well, this snow pack looks sketchy but I've got my Avalung so… lets go." building it into the pack is a great way to decrease this impulse.

Unfortunately Black Diamond will not license the lung to other pack manufactures, or sell a version that could be attached to an existing backpack in an effort to direct consumers to buy their pack. Good marketing, but It would be a better gift to the backcountry community to offer it in multiple ways. It is another great tool to have in the mountains and is a great innovation.

Categories: Gear   Tags: backpack, avi, avalanche, avi gear

Added: 3/7/2011   Reviewed By: SageCattabrigaAlosa


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