The North Face Apex Bionic Softshell Jacket Review - Mens

Over the past several years, snowboarders have come to demand more and more out of their outerwear. When once a sweatshirt would suffice as a second-layer of protection from the cold, today’s snowboarders demand only the very best in under-layer warmth. That’s where the North Face, a company known across the globe for their top-of-the-line outdoor apparel, comes in. Their Apex Bionic Soft-shell Jacket is one of the highest-quality soft-shells on the market today.

The Apex Bionic Jacket is absolutely perfect for winter activities like snowboarding. It is constructed from North Face’s unique Apex ClimateBlock water-resistant outer material. The outer shell of the jacket is also windproof to further keep the elements out.

The jacket isn’t all about keeping the elements out though – it’s also about keeping warmth in. The fleece-lined interior keeps things toasty when the temperatures dip below freezing. It truly is amazing how well a jacket as light as the Apex Bionic performs in frigid conditions.

While the jacket keeps you toasty warm, it is also designed for maximum comfort. It’s four-way stretch material and design moves with your body so that hiking up the hill for a run or bombing through the fresh powder isn’t a hassle. At the same time, the jacket’s design provides the aforementioned warmth without making you sweat – something that standard sweatshirts and many jackets have an incredibly difficult time doing. To top things off, the Apex Bionic Jacket is lightweight.

Though the North Face Apex Bionic Jacket isn’t meant for truly frigid temperatures, it will hold up in most of the conditions that the mountain can throw at you. It’s warm, waterproof, and comfortable. And, hey, if things do get too cold, throwing it under your heavier outer-shell jacket creates a duo of extreme warmth that is not to be messed with.

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Added: 1/22/2013   Reviewed By: mikehardaker


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