Signal Snowboards Omni Review 2013

Signal is known in the snowboarding industry as one of the companies that is the most eager to tinker with their offerings to create the absolute best product possible for their customers.

That’s exactly what they’ve done with their 2013 Omni Snowboard. From pulling the Omni out of the box to riding it for the very first time, it is obvious that a lot of thought went into making this board an overall beast on the mountain.


The Omni is light and quick yet able to slam through the heavy stuff. It is designed to be operated on any part of the mountain but I found that it rides the very best in the park and the groomers.


Signal factors in the Omni’s flex at medium with a 5 out of 10 rating. I felt that this rating was spot on as leaning into a press and buttering was, well, buttery smooth. Even choppy terrain is easily eaten up by the Omni as it didn’t feel too soft on steep slopes and other conditions where a slightly stiffer board is appreciated.


The Signal Omni Snowboard’s five degree Rocker and Camber between your feet (Wavelength technology) make it a superstar in the turning department. The board comes equipped with a transition point that grabs and holds (without going overboard) even before your edge hits the snow.


Control is the area that the Omni performs best in. The rockered stages allow you to lock in and transition from nose to tail with ease. The Rocker keeps your nose up during powder runs and the Camber keeps things happening when you’re carving in hard pack. Better yet, I never felt any chatter from the Omni, even during the steepest of my runs.


The Omni has pop for days! It launches off of jumps without feeling soggy. The Camber built in beneath your feet allows the board to pop on a dime without any extra weighing down of the tail.

Overall Impression:

The 2013 Signal Omni Snowboard is a great board plain and simple. I’d recommend it to just about any rider on the mountain. It holds up on cliffs in the backcountry, absolutely kills the park, and can hit else everything in between. If your quiver only consists of a single board, then I’d strongly suggest that this is the stick is it.

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Added: 1/11/2013   Reviewed By: mikehardaker


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