Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping can be downright expensive, especially when you’re shopping for ski and snowboard equipment. But it’s important to get the shredder in your life what he or she wants – and that, we assure you, is stuff that has to do with skiing and snowboarding. Below is a list of 7 gift ideas under $50 that most snow sports enthusiasts should be stoked on.

Burton Kit Wallet $24.95 – According to the Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide you should always “have three forms of fire starter and at least one primitive skill to be able to start and sustain a fire.” If you know someone that likes to take safety meetings in the trees, they’re going to love this stocking stuffer.

Buy The Burton Kit Wallet Here

Element Herbs Sunscreen Set $16.45 – “We found that the direct UV-B levels at 8,500 feet in Vail, Colorado, were approximately 60 percent higher than at sea level in New York,” Darrell S. Rigel, MD said. Give the gift of life to someone you truly love. Element Herbs sunscreen goes on smooth and is easy to apply.

Buy The Element Herbs Sunscreen Set Here

Avalon7 Mesh Bandarils $19.95 – Polyester is a man-made fiber. It has many uses from creating soda bottles to bandanas. Avalon7’s Bandrails uses X7 mesh making them the most breathable facemasks on the planet. I remember once telling a friend they could punch me in the face if I ever wore a facemask, luckily that friend doesn’t ride anymore.

Buy Avalon7 Mesh Bandarils Here

Hestra Touch Glove Liner $34.95 – Underwear for your hands. Odds are at some point you’ll find yourself fiddling with your smart phone or POV camera while on a chairlift. This is the perfect time to stop conductive heat loss through your hands. Let Hestra’s three generations of experience in manufacturing gloves help keep you warm.

Buy Hestra Touch Glove Liner Here

Bluebird Wax Travis Rice All-Temp Wax: $10.95 – Bluebird coined the phrase, “Snowboarding … It was better when you hated us,” which is funny, because that just makes us like them more. The thing about wax is, it works. So whether you're skiing or snowboarding, this stuff will make you slide better.

Buy Bluebird Wax Travis Rice All-Temp Wax Here

686 Rivet Toolbelt - $49.95 – The next time someone asks if you have a tool while getting off the chairlift simply smile and start to unbutton your pants. Confidence is key here, knowing that your packing a No. 2 Phillips and Flathead screwdriver with 8, 10 and 11 mm wrench loops. Depending on the group’s reaction, you can decide whether to show them the belt buckle bottle opener.

Buy The 686 Rivet Toolbelt Here

The North Face Light Crew Base Layer Top – Maintaining your core body temperature is essential to performing at a peak level. Moisture is great for creating snow, yet not so fun when trapped against your body. The North Face Flashdry technology moves moisture away from the fabric to promote rapid drying.

Buy The North Face Light Crew Base Layer Top Here

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