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    Anyone ski on Tyrolia/4frnt/Head Attack 13 or 16?

    Thinking about putting the Attack 13 on my e98's but don't know anyone who has any experience of them. No real reviews online and couldn't find much on TGR. Any input from folks who have used these would be appreciated.

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    They ride similarly to the Marker toe piece, combined with a normal Tyrolia heal piece.

    By that I mean: The heel could have more elastic travel, but works fine. The toe piece works great, and the tyrolia version seems a little beefier, which is good.

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    I was thinking of trying something different from the pivot, sth rut I've been in the last 15 years. I like the low stack height and weight, and the height adjustable toe. Now that these have been out for a while, what's the shop rat/user verdict on durability?

    I didn't notice any difference externally (other than weight) so other than the beefier springs is there any difference in the 13 vs. 16 construction?
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